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Skyworker Grant

Up to $12,000 for VC-backed startups to staff up their teams with Remote Full-time Developers from Emerging Markets

Skyworker Grant works like AWS Credits but for hiring

  1. Each VC-backed startup can get up to 200 Skyworker Units.

  2. Units are Skyworker Internal Currency. Clients use Units to set up interviews with applicants on Skyworker.

  3. 200 Units equal $12,000.

  4. 200 Units is enough to make up to 20 hires for free.

How to receive the Skyworker Grant?

  1. Signup on Skyworker with your Promo code.

  2. Your Promo code is the name of your VC fund.

  3. Publish your tech jobs on Skyworker.

  4. Receive 100 Units granted for free.

  5. Get up to 100 extra Units by posting your successful hiring cases on Skyworker publicly.

More about

It's like Tinder for tech jobs


Active Developers from emerging markets


Countries our candidates are located in


Responses to jobs made by Middle-Senior Developers


Tech Specialties represented

Our Partners.
Their startups are already receiving Grants.

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Get your up to 200 Skyworker Units today!

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