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Skyworker is like Tinder for tech jobs

Here Developers earn $300 per each company they invite on Skyworker via our SkyBuck$ Referral Program

SkyBuck$ Referral Program is like Second Salary for Developers

  1. Signup on Skyworker;

  2. Get your personal Promo code;

  3. Invite recruiters to signup with your Promo code;

  4. Your Promo code gives recruiters a 1-month Promotion of their jobs on Skyworker for free!

  5. When companies purchase on Skyworker you get $300 per company.

Bring in 10 companies and get $3000

An unlimited number of companies can use your Promo code.
The more you invite, the more you earn.
Signup on Skyworker to get it!

Look how Developers use #SkyBuck$ Promo codes

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Signup on Skyworker and earn money on it!


Developers swipe on jobs here


Companies hire on Skyworker


Swipes on jobs already made

When do you get paid?
When the referral is successful!

1. The company registers with your Promo code
2. The company is not an existing client of Skywporker
3. The company makes a purchase on Skyworker within 6 months after registration
The payment of the bonus will be made within 30 calendar days after the purchase.

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